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Personal Insurance: A short term insurance policy provide cover against loss, damage, liabilities and more. You pay a premium (either monthly or annually) to an insurance company who in return provides the cover to compensate you when you suffer a loss on insured items. Short term insurance policies consist of the following sections: Household Contents, Houseowner's, All Risk Insurance, Vehicles, Watercraft, Personal Liability & Personal Accident.

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Commercial Insurance: is a contract between an insurer and a business owner whose purpose is to minimize the owner's risks against losses, whether from weather, theft, vandalization, lawsuits, accidents or any other reason. There is a cost for this "hedge," which is referred to as a premium, so in essence, the potential for a greater (possibly devastating) loss is reduced to a smaller loss (the cost of the premium).

Agricultural insurance: is a special line of property insurance applied to agricultural firms. In recognition of the specialized nature of this type of insurance, insurance companies operating in the market either have dedicated agribusiness units or outsource the underwriting to agencies that specialize in it. Agricultural insurance is not limited to crop insurance, it also applies to livestock, bloodstock, forestry, aquaculture, and greenhouses.